PCI Compliance and Web Server Security Review and Lock-down Service

Having difficulties with server level PCI compliance or server security?

We will work resolve your PCI compliance or server security issues for as low as $180.00 per review and resolution session, or your money back. For details, see our Terms of Service below.

For PCI compliance, resolvable issues include

  • Weak Supported SSL Ciphers Suites
  • SSL Protocol issues
  • Apache UserDir Sensitive Information Disclosure, or UserDir module is enabled
  • Web Directories Listable Vulnerability
  • This SMTP server is running on a non-standard port
  • Your computer is responding to scans on this port, port 995
  • OpenSSL Password Interception
  • And others.

If your PCI compliance scanning is done by a company other than McAfee Secure that's fine as well. We'll work with your credit card security compliance scanning company until your server meets PCI compliance requirements.

If what you really need is a server security review or system hardening then we've got you covered

  • We'll start with a free no-cost initial review and recommend a course of action.
  • Lock-down. Our primary goal is to secure your Linux server. We will cover the numerous steps in doing so and will work with you throughout the process.
  • Once we have completed the security review and lock-down process you'll be given a full report of what we've done as well as instruction on how to maintain your server's security.

Terms of Service for PCI Compliance and
Service Security Lock-down Service

  1. Root access is required for us to review your server. You will be required to call us by phone with your root password.
  2. The PCI Compliance Service will require a minimum of two days.
    • Day one involves our reviewing your latest compliance report, and reviewing your server in order to verify whether we will be able to assist you respectively.
    • Day two, following payment receipt, we will complete updates to your server in order to meet your PCI Compliance needs.
  3. What is a "Session?"
    • The first session includes a combined review (day one) and patch (day two).
    • The session rate is $180.00 per review/patch request. Multiple sessions may be required.
    • A session does not include same day upgrade of software on your server, such as upgrading PHP, software libraries, or scripts.
    • Software upgrades or installations require a separate session order.
  4. Payment requirements:
    • Payment is not required until after we complete our initial review (day one).
    • Payment is required prior to our patching your server for compliance (day two).
    • Payment is required prior to any software installations or upgrades.

Please call us now if you have further questions, (619) 479-6637

Any discussions you have with us will remain fully confidential.
We will not reveal our customer list or discuss the names of companies inquiring about this service.

100% Unconditionally Guaranteed
Not PCI compliant = Full refund of session fee

What is PCI compliance and why is it important?

Payment Card Industry compliance began as standardized list of minimum security standards for web servers. While PCI compliance is not yet a required by law standard, PCI scans are free and readily available.

A PCI compliance scan will provide you a detailed security "report card" which you may then pass along to your web host.

If your web host is unable to meet minimal PCI data security standards we may be able to assist you and your host in better securing your web server-- It's what we do.