Dedicated Server Plans

Our dedicated server configurations are fully managed.
TVCNet definition of Fully Managed Dedicated Servers = No surprise or hourly fees for software installs or upgrades. Other hosts charge over $150/hour for support!

"Just a quick note regarding hosting and any future needs. I was introduced to TVCNet last year from a trusted friend. The service has been excellent, and staff seem to be available 24/7. I always get a response quickly until any issue is resolved. They have some very talented IT people in the support department. I just wanted to put the word out regarding any hosting opportunities that will naturally come up for more demanding customers that require dedicated servers and high..." [more]

- David Tucker,

Our Base Dedicated Server Plans:

Current Server Promotions:

  • Order a new server with quarterly prepayment and we will waive the monthly cPanel setup and management fee of $79 per month (a $237 per quarter savings!).

  • Setup fees are waived when paying 6 months or more in advance.

  • Like to reduce your monthly rate by 20% or more?
    Pay 12 months in advance and we will waive the setup fee ($299 savings) and include 2 months free hosting.
    For example, our $299 fully managed dedicated server plan paid yearly will save you $897 a year, reducing your monthly rate to an average less than $249/mo.

Add-on Options (full support included):

  • ⋅ RAM +$15 per 4gb equivalent/mo.
  • ⋅ SATA Western Digital RE4 Drive +$40 per 1tb equivalent/mo.
  • ⋅ SSD Intel Solid-State Drive +$40 per 240gb equivalent/mo.
  • ⋅ Hardware RAID +$40 per card/mo.
  • ⋅ Additional Bandwidth (1 Mbit/s) $29.90 per +330gb/mo.
  • ⋅ cPanel WHM Control Panel with 24/7 support +$79/mo.*
  • ⋅ Fantastico Deluxe (regularly $90/yr.) +$59/yr.
  • ⋅ Add LiteSpeed [read more] +$46/mo. (+$36/mo. for VPS)
  • ⋅ Add Varnish HTTP Cache +$14.95/mo.

Each dedicated server plan includes:

  • Fully managed "active" support is included (not just "available").
  • Free IP addresses (no more IP address fees).
  • Free daily & real-time "root level" malware scanning and security support.
  • Free periodic security reviews, updates and patches.
  • Free enterprise grade cPanel and WHM support.
  • Free server monitoring for downtime and reboot services included.
  • Free Linux software and module installations by request.
  • We manage domain nameservice for you as well.
  • Priority access to our technical support team members, 365/24/7.
  • Free private nameservers by request, e.g.,
  • Free move of your web site files from your old host, and script installation
    troubleshooting if required.
  • Free daily backup of dedicated server to separate backup server available.
  • Free Spam Protector Account for up to 20 email accounts ($54 a year value).
  • Free security and firewall setup, configuration, and management included.
  • Free SSL (httpS://) included for all websites sharing the server.

Add-on Options (full support included):

Dedicated Server Notes and Information

  • What is Fully Managed Support?
    We intend to become an extension of your company's operation. Our concept of fully managed support is that we will act as your hardware and software management team. We work for you. If you need it done we'll make it happen.

  • End of Life Policy?
    We consider any hardware in service over five years as being at end of life (EOL). We strongly urge our clients to replace hardware at the EOL date. Unlike most web hosts we "do not" require our clients order a new server and pay double the hosting rate during the hardware replacement transition. As long as the transition to the new server is completed within 30 days of our bringing your new server online we will bill only a flat fee of $250; whether the move process requires 5 or 100 hours of our time to complete this rate will not change. This helps to cover our time and assistance in building your new server and in transitioning your data to the new server. Please note, replacement of server hardware for EOL reasons may only be requested during the last month of the current billing cycle. Prorate refund of the remaining period left in the billing cycle for hardware replacement is not available (i.e., billing period end date may not be changed).

  • What happens if I exceed my bandwidth allowance?
    You will be contacted. Your service will never be interrupted for excess bandwidth reasons.

  • Upgrade/downgrade policy?
    If at the end of your current billing period you wish to upgrade or downgrade your dedicated server plan, please submit an order for the new server, then submit a termination request for the old server once the move of your data to the new server has been completed. Partial month credit is not available for dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are a month to month service. All "Current Server Promotions" and discounts may be used with the new server respectively.

  • Limits on mailing lists?
    As long as you meet the mailing list requirements stated in the our (Terms of Service Agreement, paragraph 3. Anti-SPAM Policy), we will not restrict the use of mailing lists on your server.

The Bottom line

"We treat each of our customers' dedicated servers like family!"

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