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Our staff is expert at moving websites. We are WordPress experts as well. We can migrate all of your websites to our hosting service free of charge today!

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Invest in security with TVCNet's free daily malware scanning, discounted hack repair services and Free SSL. If your website is hacked, we will work to help you resolve the issue quickly.

WebTight Security™ Focus

WebTight Security

Innovation, customer service, and security have been our mantra since 1997. We understand would-be-hackers rarely take a day off, and with open source scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Zencart, and others becoming more popular it can be difficult to fully secure a website against every possible exploit.

Your Proactive Defense Against Online Threats. Our WebTight Security™ focus was developed as a comprehensive approach to enhance the online safety of our clients, emphasizing both top-tier security measures and exceptional customer service.

Your Web Host: The First Line of Defense. We believe in a proactive stance towards website security. Unlike many hosting services that leave the burden of security solely on their clients, we see it as a collaborative effort. Our philosophy is simple: your web host should be an active partner in safeguarding your digital presence.

Redefining Server Security Standards. For us, server security isn’t about reactive measures like disabling a client’s website at the first hint of malware. That’s a disservice to your business needs. We champion a more responsible approach, focusing on prevention and rapid response. Our commitment extends to maintaining strong server firewalls and staying connected with the open-source community, especially with platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

Daily Root-Level Malware Scans: Automated and Reviewed. We don’t just rely on automation. Our daily root-level malware scans are closely monitored by our expert team. This ensures that if malware or unusual activity is detected on your website or email accounts, we’re on it promptly. We don’t just notify you; we’re here to recommend effective solutions and assist in cleaning up compromised sites.

Stay Informed and Protected. For further insights into proactive website protection, explore for Website Protection Insights. This resource offers valuable information on preventing website hacking. Also, visit our proactive website security service with to learn about ongoing security maintenance for your website.

Partner with Us for Secure Web Hosting. Choose TVCNet for WebTight Security™. Together, we’ll ensure your website remains secure, functional, and free from threats. Let’s create a safer online environment for your business.

(13) accountX, Scanning /home/accountX:
# ClamAV detected Virus = [PHP.remoteadmin-1]: '/home/accountX/public_html/js.php'
# Regular expression match = [/tmp/cmdtemp]: '/home/accountX/public_html/js.php'
# Regular expression match = [PHP INJEXT10N]: '/home/account X/public_html/js.php'

--------- SCAN SUMMARY --------
Scanned Directories: 1337
Scanned Files: 9294
Ignored Items: 10
Suspicious Items: 4
Virus found: 1

*Customer notified and awaiting follow up.

With TVCNet's WebTight Security™ focus, your website will be in good hands.

"Regular Backups + Daily Malware Scanning + Anti-spam / Virus Email Services + Strong Firewalls and Server Security + Content Management Systems Security and Expertise = WebTight Security™"

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