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Tired of slow web page loading and looking for cutting edge technology and support—LiteSpeed makes WordPress websites fly!

TVCNet offers LSCache with all shared hosting accounts. LiteSpeed with LSCache is a server-based caching module that is built directly into LiteSpeed Web Server. LSCache saves static versions of dynamically-generated HTML pages in order to speed up subsequent access to those pages.

Why choose our LiteSpeed cache configured hosting over "the other guys" still offering Apache to serve web pages?

  • • Apache creates a new process or thread for every connection. Creating these processes requires a lot of overhead.
  • LiteSpeed on the other hand, with its event-driven architecture, serves all connections on a few processes, saving resources.
  • • This efficient method of serving connections means we can serve many more connections, at a much higher rate of speed.
  • • And because LiteSpeed allows for consistently low CPU (load) and RAM usage (memory), higher traffic spikes or DDoS attacks are handled much more gracefully than on an Apache server setup.
TVCNet Hosting = SSD + LitSpeed + MariaDB + Free Migration + Free SSL

LiteSpeed and WordPress

The LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin takes our server-based LSCache functionality and give it a familiar interface within WordPress. Additionally, our LSCache plugin lets you define rules for managing your app’s cache, and then automatically updates the configuration files and rewrite rules on your behalf.

In addition to the cache functions, our WordPress plugin also includes several optimization features, which makes it a nice all-in-one option for WordPress acceleration. Compatible with WooCommerce.

Why pay more when you can enjoy super fast website hosting with TVCNet today!

"Used by hundreds of hosting providers on thousands of servers, LiteSpeed Web Server is the 4th most popular web server in terms of global web server market share, powering millions of websites all over the world."

If you would like LiteSpeed installed on your dedicated server, please contact us and we'll take care of the rest.

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