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LiteSpeed makes WordPress websites fly!

The biggest difference between a LiteSpeed Web Server and one running Apache comes down to architecture. LiteSpeed handles connections differently than Apache. LiteSpeed is event-driven and Apache is process-driven.

  • • Apache creates a new process or thread for every connection. Creating these processes requires a lot of overhead.
  • LiteSpeed on the other hand, with its event-driven architecture, serves all connections on a few processes, saving resources.
  • • This efficient method of serving connections means we can serve many more connections, at a much higher rate of speed.
  • • And because LiteSpeed allows for consistently low CPU (load) and RAM usage (memory), higher traffic spikes or DDoS attacks are handled much more gracefully than on an Apache server setup.

LiteSpeed – The Coffee Shop Analogy

TVCNet + HTTP/2 + LiteSpeedUsing a coffee shop analogy, these two approaches, event-driven and process-driven connections management are like approaches in running a coffee shop.

In the process-driven approach, each employee serves one customer. They take the customer's order, fill it, and take payment. This is fine if you have a small number of customers or very simple orders like coffee and donuts. This does not work so well at a busy coffee shop, like Starbucks™, where people are apt to order a "venti mocha two Splenda half soy half 2%".

If each employee had to fulfill a single order from start to finish, quite a large number of employees would be needed to handle each order separately—and there would be a really long line! This is how many hosts deal with more traffic–they just buy lots of hardware in order to cope with each new order.

A smarter solution is to make your employees event-driven, the way Starbucks™ does–to have one person take the orders and others behind them filling the orders. The person taking the orders concerns him or herself only with relaying orders to the people on the backend. In this way, one person can do the work of many without requiring a  lot of extra counter space for taking new orders. LiteSpeed Web Server allows for greater resource usage while requiring less CPU and RAM, resulting in faster page loading.

"Used by hundreds of hosting providers on thousands of servers, LiteSpeed Web Server is the 4th most popular web server in terms of global web server market share, powering millions of websites all over the world."


If you would like LiteSpeed installed on your dedicated server, please contact us and we'll take care of the rest.

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