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Consulting Services


Need help with a special service request or even a simple change to your website our consultation or web design related service is billed on a simple per session rate of $30 per session.

What is a session (or work request)?

Our session fee is based on a 30 minute period of work. If for example you wish to have us update several items on your website, as long as that work takes less than 30 minutes to complete your cost is just $30.

If later in the same day you wish to have further changes made then that would involve a second session.*

* To save money over time we suggest you think carefully about the changes you wish to make before submitting each work request.

In some cases, such as a special server consultation or security review, we may not be able to predict how long the project may take to complete until we actually begin work on the project. This is one of those special circumstances were we may not require payment up front. In these particular cases we may ask you to pay-as-we-go, or pay ahead for an agreed upon fee. Please contact Sales for more details.

Examples of services which might fit into one or two sessions:

  • 5-10 changes to content within your website.
  • Malware or website security review.
  • Creation or change to a graphic or Adobe Photoshop file.
  • Special installation of software on your dedicated server.
  • Installation of several WordPress plugins.
  • Submission of Google Review or Reconsideration request to (website was hacked).
  • Moving a Wordpress blog from one hosting company to another hosting company.
  • Custom Linux software installation on your server (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc).

Examples of other services available:

  • VMWare, Xen or other virtualization software support.
  • LAMP server setup and configuration.
  • Web server security audit.
  • Installation of software based load balancing.
  • Asterisk based VoIP software support or service.
  • Set up customized monitoring (Cacti, Munin, SNMP).
  • Custom installation of Centos, Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora.
  • cPanel server setup and configuration.
  • cPanel server hardening.
  • Rsync snapshot or Backup configurations setup.
  • Cloudflare setup, configuration, and troubleshooting.