HackGuard.com Managed WordPress Monitoring, Security and Updates Management Service

"I am too busy to worry about WordPress and plugins updates"

If this sounds like you then you are in the right place. We all know how important it is to maintain the latest versions of WordPress and plugins.

Forgetting a plugin or WordPress update can be a tragic error for a business owner or manager. Being hacked is simply no fun at all!

Would you prefer to have someone else monitor your WordPress blog updates and spend more time building your business?

  • We will monitor your WordPress version and plugins versions.
  • We will ensure your WordPress and WordPress plugins are updated at least weekly (though likely more often).
  • We will assist you in installing and maintaining the WordPress Security plugin of your choice.
    We currently support Better WP Security, Bulletproof Security and Wordfence.
  • We will monitor your blog for files changes and notify you if we see anything suspicious.
  • We will maintain a "just in case" backup of your core WordPress files and database.
  • Upon completing an update of WordPress or a plugin we will manually review your website to verify all is working as expected.
  • This service will not be outsourced to a foreign country. We are a California based business.
  • We will provide WordPress attack protection and protect your website against hackers and WordPress malware.
  • This service includes "free" HackRepair.com cleanup of your website if hacked (a $279 value).

Service Notes

  • HackGuard.com | Managed WordPress Update Service Maintaining an updated website is an essential preventative measure, but may not prevent your website from being compromised.
    Ongoing management of your website, security policies, and passwords remains your responsibility.
  • Due to potential issues with plugin updates this service is not automated.
    A real person living in San Diego, California, is managing these updates for you as often as several times a month for $12.95.
  • If it's apparent this service is not working well with your WordPress website we will notify you and likewise refund any payments made.