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Our innovations in cutting-edge website security and customer service excellence span decades.

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TVCNet is a first rate company and my most trusted supplier. I always will remember when my websites were hacked the...

Posted by Jeanne Williams-Abatelli

So many times, we tend to be vocal about the things that go wrong and forget to acknowledge all the good deeds that go...

Posted by Ian Hendry

Have been working with TVC, Jim and his associates, for well over 13 years! Pricing and Service are...

Posted by Daphne Duprez

I recently moved my websites and clients to TVC web hosting and couldn’t be happier with the service and help the...

Posted by Victor Love

I have now used for a year now. I cannot express enough how great their customer service. I have always gotten a response from them lightning fast and always very courteous and professional. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great hosting site!

Posted by Dennis Riggs

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With cPanel/WHM you may easily manage every aspect of your hosting accounts from a single interface. WHM features include creating accounts, setting hosting package limits, managing email, DNS settings and even editing website files. Try our cPanel demo?

Quickly and easily migrate websites

Quickly and easily migrate websites

With TVCNet service, you can migrate websites yourself through our easy to use cPanel control panel, or ask "your" support team here at TVCNet to help you migrate your websites free of charge today.

LiteSpeed Server Caching

LiteSpeed HTTP/3 Server Caching

Our LiteSpeed caching is optimized for WordPress websites. Have us migrate your site to our service and experience as much as 20 times faster website loading speeds, today! View a short video demonstration?

Backup Restoration Services

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As one of the oldest, and verified fastest, shared hosting providers in North America, the quality of our responsive customer service is hard to beat!
Just ask our customers.

Our Datacenter

Our Datacenter

All of our servers are located in a large, well-known datacenter in Fremont, California, USA. Our facility and servers are monitored 24/7/365.


Backup Restoration Services

All of our web hosting accounts come with free backup recovery options. We'll even help you recover your monthly, weekly, or daily backup free of charge.


TVCNet has been providing world-class security, high-speed, enterprise-level customer service , WordPress ready website hosting, domain name registration, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and dedicated server hosting solutions for over 23 years.

Tired of impersonal hosting companies whose idea of website security is turning your website off at the first sign of malware or performance issues? TVCNet is different. As one of the oldest privately owned and operated web hosting service providers in the world, our goals are simple: provide both the most intimate customer service experience and the highest level of website security possible. Our enterprise-grade servers are optimized for cPanel with LiteSpeed and enterprise-grade Intel solid-state drives. TVCNet is a true managed services provider.

TVCNet was the first shared hosting company in the world to advertise monthly shared SSD hosting service for less than $5 a month (in 2012).

SSD shared hosting provides some of the fastest load times for websites, exceeding the speed of most enterprise-grade dedicated servers prior to 2010.

TVCNet was the first PCI security compliant shared hosting company (in 2003).

As one of the few web hosts in the world today who offers free PCI compliance with all shared server hosting, we do our best to ensure our customer's websites meet and pass any standard PCI compliance testing.

TVCNet was the first shared hosting company to provide free daily malware scanning (in 2009).

Our goal is to ensure our customers are immediately notified if their websites are hacked. We inspect every file for malicious content or malware and notify site owners the same day we spot anything suspicious.

"Providing Web Hosting Innovation, Website Security and Customer Service since 1997"

And our customers have noticed, helping us build one of the longest and oldest "verifiable" customer service testimonials web pages in the world.