Current Server Promotions:

  • Receive on month free with our 6 month plans (average monthly rate shown above).
  • Expert near real-time fully managed cPanel support included.
  • Includes a fully configured and secured cPanel WHM control panel.
  • Refunds?
    If you choose to cancel we will return any unused monthly hosting fees paid.

Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) options

  • RAM may be upgraded or downgraded in 1gb increments at any time. See rates below.
  • Includes Free SSL for all websites, a WordPress installer and Free unlimited website migrations.
  • Malware scanning is not included but may be ordered separately as an Addon service.
  • Addon rates: +100gb Bandwidth: $9.75/mo., +1gb Space: $1.95/mo., +1gb RAM: $6.75/mo.
  • Add LiteSpeed [read more...]: +$36/mo.
  • Includes a fully licensed, managed and supported installation of the cPanel Web Hosting Manager (WHM).

  • cPanel / WHM allows you to set up an unlimited number of web sites, each with their own separate control panels.

What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Sometimes called a virtual dedicated server, a VPS utilizes software to partition a physical server into multiple servers, called "virtual machines."

A VPS is not a dedicated server. Because a VPS is essentially a shared server hardware wise, a dedicated server is still recommended for high traffic web sites or where the highest level of reliability is required.

Why choose a
Virtual Private Server?

  • Root level access is available.
  • Improved security. Other accounts do not share your server like they would on a shared server.
  • Customized software may be installed or settings changes made, which might otherwise not be allowed within a shared server environment.

When to choose a Dedicated Server instead?

Your web site has very high traffic (over 50gb of bandwidth a month), or high resource using scripts are installed requiring additional memory (RAM).
On a shared or dedicated server, server memory (RAM) is generally not limited. For example, if your shared hosting account is set on a server with 8gb of RAM that RAM is for the most part fully available to all web sites sharing the server. With a VPS, RAM is partitioned for each container, much like space or bandwidth is allotted within a shared server account. This is why the difference between most VPS plans relates to how much RAM is allocated.

Additional Special Services