Our Story at TVCNet

TVCNet (The Virtual Company Network, Inc.) emerged from a desire to provide a seamless, secure online presence for businesses and individuals alike. For over two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of website hosting and security, driven by our commitment to keeping your website and related services running fast and protected from hackers.

Our business was built on the foundation of a simple realization: in the online world, speed and security aren’t just nice-to-haves; they’re essentials. This understanding shaped our approach to offering WordPress-ready hosting, domain registration, VPS, and dedicated server solutions. But we didn’t stop there. We knew that true peace of mind comes from robust, proactive measures. That’s why we integrated daily malware scans, comprehensive backup solutions, and top-notch anti-spam services into our service model.

We likewise offer an anytime money-back guarantee and speedy expert customer service and support as well.

Our Values at TVCNet

  • Long-Term Vision
    Our products and services are designed with the future in mind. From cutting-edge security features to our dedicated customer service, every aspect of TVCNet is crafted for long-term satisfaction and success.

  • Simplicity is Key
    In the complex world of cybersecurity and web hosting, we stand for simplicity. We take intricate challenges and turn them into straightforward, manageable solutions. Our aim is to make your online experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

TVCNet Hosting with Heart

We specialize in both proactive and reactive website and WordPress security strategies. Our expertise is focused on implementing preventative measures that effectively safeguard your online business.

Service is our business
While many web hosts offer little more than the word "unlimited" in their product offerings and a vague promise of responsive service, we wake up every morning asking ourselves, "How can we best help our customers succeed today?"

Best Wishes,

Jim Walker
Founding Partner
(619) 479-6637 or contact us anytime.