TVCNet Secure Website Hosting Services

The Virtual Company Network, Inc. (TVCNet)

TVCNet has provided customer focused website hosting and website security since 1997.

Because our network of servers are managed through Hurricane Electric Network Operations Centers , our clients take advantage of both TVCNet's over the top customer service , along with the security benefits of partnering with the world-wide leader in Internet traffic and connectivity.

Hurricane Electric is a Tier 1 internet hosting provider. Tier 1 Internet providers are the networks that provide the backbone of the Internet. Lesser tier 2 and tier 3 providers, like your local phone company, connect to tier 1 providers in order to provide their customers access to the Internet. See the article at Wikipedia for more information.

In short, our partnership with one of the largest tier 1 providers allows our customers the highest grade world-wide network connectivity and an increased level of protection against distributed denial of service attacks.