Spam Protect Service

Spam Protect Service (20 Acct Package), $4.95/mo., Yearly. Order yearly get 1mo. free!

Stop 99% of unsolicited junk email spam messages before they reach your Inbox with our Spam Protect service.

Do you spend five or more minutes a day deleting spam?
That's over 2+ hours a month hitting the delete key...

Each service package ordered includes spam prefiltering for up to twenty email POP/Alias accounts at your domain name, with unlimited aliases for each account likewise included.

Spam Protect quarantines spam to a web page for review and delivery. You have the option to mark and deliver all spam designated email as well. This way you'll never loose a good message inadvertently marked as spam.

Benefits of the Spam Protect Service?

  • Your email will be scanned for spam and viruses before being delivered to your Inbox.
  • If for some reason your email server is offline your email will be saved and delivered once back online.
  • 99% of spam messages and email viruses will be quarantined.
  • We can filter email set up through other web hosts as well.
✦ Email service with TVCNet is not required. Please contact us before ordering for more details.

Order yearly get 1mo. free!

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